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About the Future Female Leaders Program


About the Future Female Leaders Program.

There is a general awareness of the imbalance of females in leadership throughout Australia, but the actual statistics are truly alarming – females represented 28.1% of directors, 18.3% of CEOs and 14.6% of board chairs in Australia in 2019-20 according to Australian Government data.

It’s time to start empowering our future female leaders to shift these statistics and gain better diversity in the workplace – especially in male dominated industries.

The Future Female Leaders Program is the career kick starter for our future change makers and dream chasers, bringing together education and industry to change the game for our future female visionaries in Western Australia.

Our 6 month program enables and empowers female Year 11 high school students, our female leaders of tomorrow, by equipping them NOW with the skills, experiences and conversations they need to succeed in a complex, uncertain and ambiguous world. A world where they CAN and WANT to be the difference. Be the game changers. Be the dreamers AND the doers.

Putting the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at the heart and centre of the program is one of its key points of difference. Each participant selects a UN Sustainable Development Goal that they are the most passionate about and create and build a social impact project tackling that goal. With the support of their mentor’s guidance and armed with the invaluable skills they learn throughout the program they bring their social impact project to life.

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…A future where we no longer need to refer to leaders as “female leaders”.
…A society where ceilings are shattered for good and there is room for everyone, equally.
…A world where we tackle the issues that need to solved, and we don’t just talk about them.

This is our vision for the Future Female Leaders Program.

We empower future changemakers. Dreams AND Doers. Young women, and those who identify as women from all walks of life. And we give them the tools and a platform NOW, so that the future for us all can one of which we are proud of.

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Simple. Because we can, we should and we so desperately want our world to experience all that our future female leaders have to offer it. The more barriers we can move out of their ways now, the easier the path for them to pave and to succeed.

We want our future female leaders to learn the key leadership and life skills that they need to thrive NOW, not letting them hit the workplace at 18 years old unprepared for the challenges that they will be presented with. We see the critical importance of the school curriculum, yet place equal importance on the immeasurable life skills that our future generation also need to learn. We remember learning it the hard way ourselves. Looking back at our 16-year-old selves and thinking of the advice we wished we’d been given – if only we knew it then.


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Are you a female Year 11 (or soon to be) student looking to lead and make a difference? We would love to have you joining our next cohort of future leaders.

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If you are a Business, Organisation or a School and are ready to drive positive change for our future generation, here's how you can help. 

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Want to make a difference to one of our future female leaders on a one to one level? Find out how you can become a mentor.
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If you are a subject matter expert or a business that may be able to support in terms of a venue, catering, printing, resources, travel and accommodation etc, we’d welcome your support.