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If you are a subject matter expert or a business that may be able to support in terms of a venue, catering, printing, resources, travel and accommodation etc, we’d welcome your support.

How you can help Sponsor Future Female Leaders

How can you help?

Here are just some of the things that can help us bring this program to life:

  • Travel and Accommodation Assistance for our regional participants
  • Venue and Catering for our in-person workshops
  • Expertise on one of our key topics themes and willingness to present on it
  • Marketing, Social, and Event Coordination support
  • Printing and Learning Support Packs (aka journals, booklets etc)
How you can help Sponsor Future Female Leaders

Feedback from previous Mentors.

person module FFL

The thing I have enjoyed most is seeing the impact that the program has had on my mentee. I have learned that the simple act of listening and asking questions is often all that is required to guide creativity and ideas towards fruition.

Bec Kennedy and Nashid Chowdury, Mentors – City of Joondalup

person module FFL

The program teaches young women real life skills and how to put those skills into action. It gives them an opportunity to move out of their comfort zone, take on a social project that they feel strongly about, and show how they can help drive social change within their sphere of influence.

Sharon Goddard, Mentor – Gold Road Resources

person module FFL

It is very humbling and inspiring to watch their learning journey. And to see a 16yr old fearlessly calling local councils, banks and heads of department to achieve her outcome, you just know the future is bright for the WA community. Working with my mentee has reminded me to be unafraid of new concepts, to embrace vulnerability and be an unstoppable force when it comes to achieving the desired outcome.

Alana Magee, Mentor – Conquest Finance 

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