Leading Impact – How our 2022 Future Female Leaders are being the Difference

The Future Female Leaders Program is more than simply building leadership skills for girls, it is about leading change.  It is about empowerment through action. This is why at the heart of the program is the Social Impact Project. 

Each participant selects a UN Sustainable Development Goal that they are the most passionate about, and create and build a Social Impact Project tackling that goal – applying their skills, with the support and expertise from their professional mentors, the encouragement from their peers in group coaching, and the backing of investors and Perth’s business community at the Pitch and Networking event.

Let us introduce you to the 2022 Social Impact Projects:


Recycle Masks, Megan 

Did you know the billions of masks that are getting sent to landfill and polluting the environment?  Megan is on a mission to work with businesses and organisations to raise awareness of the issue and get recycling boxes installed in key locations.

Follow her journey here


Successfully Sustainable, April 

Developing awareness of sustainable fashion through the Girl Guides, April is striving towards a vision where young people see the value in shopping sustainably and make the change. 

Follow her journey here


Coastwide Creatures, Ella 

Raising awareness and preventing pollution of the oceans through sculptures of the creatures who inhabit them, Ella’s vision is to place sculptures of sea creatures along the coast of W.A. starting with Esperance and including key locations such as AQWA.

Follow her journey here


City Wildlife, Sylvia 

Working with a talented local artist, Sylvia aims to bring wildlife to public attention through street art – raising awareness of the local wildlife and habitats to Perth, encouraging people to find out more.  

Follow her journey here


Eats for Equality, Jasmina 

Jasmina is on a mission to create an understanding and respect for refugees by overcoming some of the barriers and misconceptions through the sharing of good food and conversation at special events.  During the events, guests will get to hear stories and sample delicious food using recipes from their country of origin.

Follow her journey here. 


Like a Girl – It’s OK, Stella 

Stella has experienced gender discrimination and wants to lead change, with the creation of a video that can be shared within schools to educate and share the message.

Follow her journey here. 


Our Unity, Sienna 

Sienna has seen first hand the isolation and mental health challenges that are experienced by LBGTQ young people, and is developing a website resource where young people can access support and information free of judgement.

Follow her journey here. 


I’m Possible Podcast, Lissi 

Lissi is on a mission to inspire young women and girls with positive role models in politics and industry.  The I’m Possible Podcast will provide insights and interviews with local, regional and national women to share their stories and experiences.

Follow her journey here. 


Bella’s Bunbury Sleepout, Bella 

As a teen, Bella has had the opportunity to meet, eat, and chat with the homeless people in her local community and wants to make a difference with a homeless sleepout to raise awareness for young people; with the money raised used for resources for homeless people in Bunbury.

Follow her journey here. 


SloGo Vintage Fashion, Alexandra 

Frustrated by the fast fashion industry, Alexandra’s online sustainable vintage clothing store will offer an alternative that reuses pre-loved clothes and reduces the amount of clothing going to landfills.


Meals for Many, Stefanie 

Attending a school in Perth City, Stefanie has witnessed the amount of young people who are homeless and living without shelter, security and food.  Working with supermarkets, taking contributions and collaborating with homeless charities, Stefanie intends to assemble and deliver food parcels for homeless youth in the city.

Follow her journey here. 


EmpowerUs, Anya 

Combining empowerment with sustainable fashion, Anya is focused on creating an uplifting event for girls in school. Starting with a panel of inspiring women sharing stories and answering questions, and followed by crafting their own tote bag from a pre-loved item in their wardrobe, sewing in an empowering message in the label as a reminder of the message.


Stronger Together, Imogen 

Created by an Indigenous girl for Indigenous girls with a focus on mental health and wellbeing while studying miles away from home in Perth, Imogen is on a mission to bring the girls together to give them the opportunity to participate in mindfulness, dance, art, yarn circles and to speak with a counsellor.


Me2you, Tahlaeah 

From experience, Tahlaeah recognises the mental health challenges for young people as they embark on their high school journey.  Me2you creates a channel of support from older students in years 11 and 12 to the younger years around tackling difficult issues faced at school, with the intention of creating resources from students for students.

Follow her journey here. 


Be sure to follow them to show your support and be inspired as you witness their journeys on becoming a positive force of change for the future. 

We cannot wait to see the progress of the girls’ projects at our Graduation Gala Dinner in September as our 2022 girls graduate.

This impact simply cannot happen without the support of our Visionary, Change Maker and Cheerleader investors and our sponsors-in-kind, who provide the funds, resources and expertise to facilitate the program.