2022 FFLP – That’s a wrap!

Congratulations to all the 2022 Future Female Leader Program Participants! 

Whether you followed journey of the 2022 FFLP as it happened, or you’re here for the first time –  You’ll love seeing the highlights from the 2022 Graduation Gala in this video below.

The journey of the 2022 Future Female Leaders Program

On 31st March, twelve girls hidden behind face masks and two in isolation, were brought together for the first time as they embarked on the Future Female Leaders Program.   

Nervous excitement filled the air, mixed with a little hesitation, unsure of the commitment they had made as we kickstarted with a deep dive into self-reflection, the vision for their social project and the first meeting with their professional mentors.

On 15th September, the girls reached the end of the program united in their growth, their friendships borne from support for each other, shared challenges, and with the commitment to live their lives and follow their dreams with passion, purpose, and pride.  They had found their tribe.

The girls’ ticket to ride was covered by future focused visionaries and change makers from business organisations, invested in seeing these girls reach their destination empowered to face challenges, with new skills, greater courage, and with the capacity to make a difference.  

What a transformative ride it has been!

From the very first session the girls were set to task.  To create a social impact project focused on a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of their choosing.  An issue that touched their heart and sparked a fire in their belly.  They pondered their why, they explored their Ikigai, they uncovered their entrepreneurial mindset and they set out a vision for the social impact they wanted to create in their world.

Throughout their journey, they have met along the way,

  • Experts who have imparted their wisdom of problem solving and decision making, change adaptability, social emotional and cultural intelligence, and communication and influence.  
  • Their mentors for regular sessions and check-ins to provide guidance and directions 
  • Role Model Leaders of STEM to share their stories, and
  • A growing network of supporters willing and able to offer a connection, support, or resources to help them on their quest for impact.

When they have had a little time along the way they have accessed our onboard activities including self-paced learning modules to build their personal brand and networking skills, creativity, and innovation, designing their own wellbeing and money management.


At the mid-way point, the girls announced their project ideas to a room of their mentors, investors, and supporters excited to hear what our next generation of leaders were most passionate about.  The point where the girls realised that “yes! I am capable and I can do this” and “I do not have to do this alone.  There are people out there who love my idea and want to help me realise my vision!”  These simple but very powerful messages fuelled the girls forward on their journey with increased drive, determination, and self-belief.

There was no doubt that the girls who applied for the Future Female Leaders Program were ambitious, passionate, and driven girls with an eye for an opportunity and the confidence to apply to take part.  Every girl, at some point has experienced overwhelm, frustration, and obstacles, but have persevered with the ongoing support of team FFLP, their mentors, their families, and their own determination.

 When they arrived at their destination, the graduation gala dinner, they left an audience of over 160 professionals in awe, at their growth, achievements, integrity, eloquence, and the proven ability to convert that raw passion into real outcomes now and into the future.  All achieved in just a six-month journey!

The tracks don’t stop here.  These girls seek to continue their impact on student mental health and wellbeing, sustainable fashion, protecting our sea creatures from pollution, regional homelessness, hunger of young people in Perth City, combating the waste from face masks, achieving connection and equality through food and culture, addressing discrimination and inspiring others to see the possibilities through podcasting.  

The journey will continue with each other, with their newfound networks, and as graduates and alumni of the Future Female Leaders Program.

We couldn’t be prouder of these girls, we provided the journey and the companions and guides, but they embraced the wisdom and guidance, they showed up, they engaged, and they accomplished goals they never believed they could.

Thank you to the forward-thinking organisations who invested in the 2022 Future Female Leaders Program. 

A huge thank you to our investors, our mentors, sponsors-in-kind, event partners, expert contributors, supporters, and everyone who has cheered and celebrated along the way.  

For anyone looking to get involved with next year’s program, you can find about more through the links below. 

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