Meet the Future Change-makers: Introducing Our Inspiring 2024 Social Impact Initiatives

Just 12 weeks ago, our Future Female Leaders embarked on an inspiring journey of growth and development. In this short span, they’ve uncovered their true potential, engaged deeply with dedicated professional mentors, and collaborated closely with their peers in group coaching sessions, all while honing essential skills.


Back in March, a mix of nerves and excitement filled the air as they delved into the heart of our program, creating their own social impact project. This wasn’t just another task it was their chance to create and breathe life into a passion project that could truly make a difference.


These remarkable 16-17 year olds were briefed on their mission: to craft a social impact project tackling a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, one that’s both sustainable and scalable. They’ve outlined their vision, clarified their why, planned meticulously to achieve their goals, and crafted persuasive pitches to secure support for their initiatives.


Last Thursday, anticipation filled the air as 20 girls stepped into Spacecubed Riff, unsure yet determined. 

After asking interesting and thoughtful questions our panellists Megan MacNiell and Lauren Quinn ensured the girls each had a chance to confidently articulate their passion. 


By night’s end, these same girls departed with newfound confidence, courage, and self-belief. They experienced firsthand the unwavering support, encouragement, and value of a strong network of champions equally invested in their success. They discovered the power of their voices and how to wield it effectively.


Over the next 12 weeks, we’ll witness our Future Female Leaders cultivate even greater resilience and apply their developing leadership skills to bring their social impact projects to fruition. There’s no doubt they’re set to achieve great things!


Introducing our 2024 Social Impact Projects 


Project: Bookish

Bookish is a second-hand book store event designed to enable year 11 and 12 students to sell their textbooks at a low price, promoting equality by ensuring all students have affordable access to educational resources. The ultimate goal is to expand Bookish to be free and accessible to a wider population in the future.

How can you support me and my project:

  • Looking for someone with a social platform to let year 11s & 12s know such an event exists.
  • Donations of year 11 & 12 textbooks for the event.

Links to support me:

Instagram: @booki.sh11


Project: ShePak

The program aims to address period poverty by creating and distributing support packs containing period products to support female hygiene among homeless women.

The goal is to distribute these packs through existing avenues, such as food banks, to ensure they are easily accessible to those in need.

How can you support me and my project:

  • Donations of items:
    – Lip balm
    – ⁠Toothbrush/toothpaste
    – ⁠Socks
    – ⁠Regular pads
    – ⁠Regular tampons
    – ⁠Antibacterial wipes
    – ⁠Deodorant
    – ⁠Hand sanitizer
    – ⁠Poncho
  • $700 to buy these item
  • Connections to organisations or individuals that may wish to donate these items or work with me to deliver them

Links to support me:

Instagram: @she.pak
Email: Click here


Project: From Cup to Compost

My goal is to combat carbon emissions and unnecessary food waste by composting.
From Cup to Compost will collect food waste throughout the month to then supply back to the community as a reusable resource to those participating.

How can you support me and my project:

$250 to aid in purchasing resources such as bins and compostable garbage bags for my community compost program

Links to support me:

Instagram: @fromcuptocompost
TikTok: @fromcuptocompost


Project: Reseed Rural

I intend to advance conservation and promote environmental sustainability by restoring natural flora and fauna in Karratha where deforestation and climate change has stripped the town of its natural beauty.

Reeseed Rural intends to grow saplings through the school program which will then be donated to the town for plantation

How can you support me and my project:

I require support in the form of financial aid in purchasing biodegradable planting bags from here which can be emailed to a later provided address.

Links to support me:

Instagram: @reseed_rural


Project: The Abode Abroad Project

The Abode Abroad Project aims to raise awareness of the daily challenges and difficulties faced by migrants, while also highlighting the opportunities and advantages that Australia offers.

Through a podcast and youtube format, I will engage with guests who will share their personal experiences, discussing the obstacles they have encountered and the strategies they have employed to overcome them.

How can you support me and my project:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Tripod
  • Contact me if you have any stories or more information that could help

Links to support me:

Instagram: @the.abodeabroad


Project: The Fair Panel

My project involves hosting a panel discussion in my regional community featuring women from diverse industries. The goal is to empower and provide direction for year 11 and 12 girls as they transition into the workforce.

How can you support me and my project:

  • $200 to help support my panel discussion event – This money will be used for marketing material and catering.
  • 4 women to join me as guest panellists

Links to support me:

Instagram: @thefairpanel


Project: Sex Ed Revolution

The Sex Ed Revolution aims to develop a website providing accurate sexual health information for teenagers, ensuring they have the facts and resources needed to stay safe and protected. Together, we can reduce the incidence of STIs, underage pregnancies, anxiety, and sexual assault.

How can you support me and my project:

  • $200 to purchase a domain & advertise my website. GoFundMe
  • Resources on sexual education
  • Followers for Sex Ed Revoltioons IG and Tik Tok to spread awareness.

Links to support me:

Instagram: @sexed_revolution
TikTok: @sexed_revolution


Project: Know the Line

Know the Line aims to introduce educational programs in schools to facilitate generational change by raising awareness of and educating about gender-based violence. These presentations will cover topics such as physical and sexual violence, highlighting their impact on unhealthy pathways and relationships.

How can you support me and my project:

I need a subject matter expert (with lived experience) or an organisation to provide a pilot presentation to my school.

Links to support me:

Instagram: @know.the.line


Project: InnovateHer

Innovate her is a club within a highschool environment that allows girls to uncover their enjoyment of science through discussion, debate and hands-on demonstrations. My long term goal is expand this program into other schools similar to the structure and reach of drama clubs.

How can you support me and my project:

  • 4 volunteers to speak and assist students
  • $200 of funding (extra funding will be appreciated)

Links to support me:

Instagram: @innovat3_h3r


Project: Mind Tune

Mind Tune is an all-in-one online mental health resource designed for high school students, aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. It equips teens with resources and essential skills to effectively support peers in times of need.

How can you support me and my project:

  • Someone to teach me social media marketing management
  • Anyone who can connect me to organisations/ individuals with valuable information about mental health

Links to support me:

Instagram: @m1ndtune_
TikTok: @m1ndtune_


Project: The Comfort Kit Project

The Comfort Kit Project aims to provide comfort and support to women who have experienced domestic violence. In the short term, I plan to create 40-50 packages and collaborate with women’s refuges for distribution. My long-term goal is to partner with businesses to collect donations and raise awareness of the effects of domestic violence.

How can you support me and my project:

I am looking for up to $400 to purchase tote bags and fill in the gaps from my donation drive, any contacts with domestic violence refuges that would help distribute and any physical donations by businesses such as toiletries.

Links to support me:

Instagram: @thecomfortkitproject
Email: Click here

Lilly P

Project: GenTech

GenTech aims to bridge the technology gap experienced by the older generation. A group of young volunteers will host community events to help seniors become more familiar with technology. Participants can bring their devices, such as iPads, phones, and laptops, to have their questions answered.

How can you support me and my project:

Spread awareness about the generational gap created by technology. Lend your time to help out those around you, and show kindness towards older generations.

Links to support me:

Email: Click here 

Lily R

Project: Heartland

To share the stories of resilience and remarkability of women living in the great south. Written for girls by girls as a magazine and platform of empowerment, a beacon of solidarity for women who may never meet but share a common bond through their narrative.

How can you support me and my project:

  • Knowledge of online and physical publishing
  • Follow on IG and Facebook

Links to support me:

Instagram: @heartland.stories24 


Project: Voice Up project

The Voice Up objective is to raise awareness and empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to identify signs of domestic violence and take proactive measures to prevent and respond to such incidents.

How can you support me and my project:

  • Fill my anonymous survey here
  • Any resources about DV
  • Organisation recommendations
  • Recommendations about where to get the right information from

Links to support me:

Instagram: @up.voice
Email: Click here


Project: Komfort Kits

My aim is to bring compassion and humanity to those suffering from global poverty by creating and distributing 50 care packages.

Through this initiative, I hope to provide immediate relief and demonstrate solidarity with those in need.

How can you support me and my project:

  • $500 for resources to purchase
    • Water
    • Clothes
    • Food
    • Toiletries
    • Sanitary products
    • Toys/books
  • Connections for resources and distribution

Links to support me:

Instagram: @komfort.kits


Project: Career detective

The lack of clear career pathways and indecision affects many young people as they leave school, often leading to significant stress and anxiety. Career Detective is a website designed to alleviate this by connecting students’ passions and interests with career options and tertiary education courses in a stress-free and straightforward manner.

How can you support me and my project:

  • Someone with experience to help me construct the website
  • $200 to purchase the domain name
  • Networking/ connections with career pathway companies (university’s, tafe, apprenticeship courses, ect.)
  • Following on my instagram account to raise awareness for my website

Links to support me:

Instagram: @career_detective.wa


Project: Mindful Movers

A walking group for highschool girls in years 10-12.

The aim of Mindful Movers is to promote health and wellbeing, foster friendships and empower young women to remain active.

How can you support me and my project:

  • Your experience and expertise in:
    • Organising events
    • Marketing channels
    • Social Media Platforms
  • Other network suggestions to raise awareness of mindful movers
  • Volunteers to expand the project to other areas

Links to support me:

Instagram: @mindfulmovers2024


Project: Skills4Charity

Providing financial literacy workshops to students to prevent poverty and with the goal to raise $800 towards the Smiths Family Foundation to help Australian children in poverty get an education and break out of the cycle of poverty.

How can you support me and my project:

  • Funding or someone to cater light refreshments and food for the event.
  • ⁠Please share and donate to my fundraising page on the Smiths Family Foundation website here.

Links to support me:

Instagram: @skills4charity

Winnie -Sue

Project: Young EcoHeroes

Young EcoHeroes aim is to educate and raise awareness to primary school students about bio-diversity to change the future of our environment by running a school fare.

How can you support me and my project:

  • $600 for equipment, tables, chairs, educational materials, pamphlets, posters, interactive displays, face painting ect
  • Networking and partnership
  • Connection with local businesses, environmental organisations, educational institutions.

Links to support me:

Instagram: @youngecoheros


Project: Seeding Diversity

Seeding Diversity aims to raise awareness of cultures not recognised by Australian schools by sharing stories, traditions, cuisines, and history. This program will begin at the primary school in my local area engaging Year 5 and 6 students every Friday for four weeks, exploring different cultural and religious perspectives through practical, interactive classes and activities.

How can you support me and my project:

  • Networks for primary schools
  • Networks to primary schools, P&C members of primary schools to spread the word, funding of $150 for equipment to conduct classes.

Links to support me:

Instagram: @seeding.diversity
Email: Click here